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Pedro Palacios / Founder and Chief Rowing Trainer



  • Are classes open to all levels? Yes if you have never rowed before we will teach you proper technique and make sure you learn to do it correctly
  • I am a runner and have some injuries, will rowing be a non-impact workout? Yes it is Non-Impact and will benefit your running experience and even make you faster
  • I am over weight and my doctor suggested I start working out, is rowing for me? Yes, rowing is one of the top recommended workouts to loose weight in a non-impact way
  • What do I need to bring? Water, workout clothes, mat and ready to be empowered
  • How long are the classes? They are 45 minute long
  • Do you row the whole time? We row in intervals of time combining different workouts
  • Do I have the reserve my spot for class? No, at The Rowing Place you will always have a seat and a workout designed for larger groups
  • I purchased a pass, how long do I have to use my classes? You have 4 months to use it
  • Can I share my pass with a friend? Passes are not transferable and can not be combined with other offers
  • Can I try the class and decide if I want to buy a pass? Yes, your first class is FREE

"Easy to follow and approachable instructors will help release your inner rower and shine"

Pedro Palacios / Founder and CEO

Frequent Asked Questions